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Peter Jackson gets Disney to overturn no swearing policy for Beatles documentary


The Beatles will now be effing and jeffing their way through the forthcoming documentary The Beatles: Get Back after director Peter Jackson convinced Disney to overturn its strict no swearing policy. 

The Lord of the Rings director managed to convince the streaming service that the ‘Fab Four’ were not some potty-mouthed troubadours espousing vulgarity and that they cussed “not in an aggressive or sexual way.”

Jackson told Radio Times: “The Beatles are scouse boys and they freely swear but not in an aggressive or sexual way. We got Disney to agree to have swearing, which I think is the first time for a Disney channel.”

He even argued that the expletives were essential to the feel of the feature. “That makes them feel modern, too. Obviously, people did swear in the 60s but not when they were being filmed,” Jack opined. 

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Get Back, will finally be arriving on the streaming platform Disney + on November 25th. Meanwhile the second, and third parts will drop on the 26th, and 27th respectively.

Originally, the project was due to be released last year, but the pandemic slowed down the process. Jackson promised last December when he shared the first teaser for the series that it would be arriving in 2021, and he’s stayed true to his word with the three-part series arriving on the streaming service next month.

Get Back features previously unseen footage from the band’s Let It Be Sessions which famously culminated in their iconic performance atop the Apple Records headquarters in London.

The Lord Of The Rings director used 55 hours of unreleased videos of the band from that tumultuous year in 1969, filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. He also had access to over 140 minutes worth of unheard audio from those same sessions.

You can check out a foul-mouth-free trailer below.