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The Go! Team share new song 'Pow'

The Go! Team - 'Pow!'

Eclectic Brighton funksters The Go! Team have shared their latest jam in the form of the upbeat onomatopoeia ‘Pow’, the newest preview of their upcoming sixth studio album Get Up Sequences Part One.

The song gives me strong nostalgic vibes for the golden age of hip-hop. Think Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five busting out ‘The Message’ or Nenah Cherry spitting out ‘Buffalo Stance’. That same blend of funky breakbeats, easy flowing rhymes, and disco samples. When lead singer Ninja opens up about ‘Bustin’ Loose’, my little D.C. heart just melts. Whether it’s an explicit reference to Chuck Brown, the King of Go-Go, or not, anybody who uses those two words together is automatically in my good graces because it gives me yet another excuse to jump into his killer treasure trove of danceable grooves. The Go! Team and Chuck Brown feel like kindred spirits with the way they both work had to get the people and moving.

Everything about this song and this band make me happy, from their infectious energy to their use of exclamation points to the retro style video ‘Pow’. Ninja is also taking back that particular name from a certain South African who now has to be relegated to being the second-best Ninja in the popular music world, so that makes me especially happy.

The Go! Team have been pumping out absolutely killer tracks 2004’s Thunder, Lightning, Strike. While varying in tone and production over the years, the band has never wavered from offering up indelible dance floor tunes that mix rock, dance, disco, funk, R&B, and just about any other genre together that has the potential to sound bright, shiny, and fun.

Check out the audio for ‘Pow’ down below. Get Up Sequences Part One is set for a July 2 release.