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(Credit: Björk)

The first look at Björk's new stage show 'Cornucopia'


With a huge new show coming to new NYC venue The Shed, preparations for the glitzy affair are well and truly underway. With the show slated for its first performance-proper tonight, preview shows have been underway and highlight the “digital theatre” of her latest stage show Cornucopia.

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The clip shows Björk performing track’s from her last LP Utopia’s, with ‘Body Memory’ and ‘Future Forever’ getting their first live outing. She also sang ‘Venus As A Boy’ for the first time in nearly a decade and ‘Show Me Forgiveness’ for the first time since 2006, among other obscure and wonderful rarities.

The stage shows is likely to be her most colourful yet, with Rock NYC who attended the preview hailing it as a “thrilling, astonishingly beautiful musical and visual illustration of a world where people and nature cross-pollinate in matriarchal society. Imagine Avatar as a plant-based human mash-up.” With Björk herself describing it as a “feminist fairytale” and a “sci-fi pop concert”. All signs are pointing towards success.

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Take a look at the videos below and the latest whirlwind setlist below that. If you’ve got tickets to see Björk in NYC over the next few weeks, you’re very much in luck.

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Grand finale for Cornucopia! #bjork #cornucopia

The Gate
Arisen My Senses
Show Me Forgiveness (First time performed since 2006)
Venus as a Boy (First time performed since 2011)
Blissing Me (with serpentwithfeet)
Body Memory (Live debut)
Hidden Place (First time performed since 2013)
Mouth’s Cradle
Features Creatures
Pagan Poetry
Sue Me
Tabula Rasa

Future Forever (Live debut)