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(Credit: J Hayne)

Bjork picks out five musicians you need to listen to


Icelandic music icon Bjork has picked out five artists that are heavy on her playlist at the moment.

As she prepares for the release of her ninth studio album, she sat down for a chat with 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne to discuss what’s new.

“I’m going to just come out with some random answers because I could just sit her for an hour just counting out names,” she said with a playful insight. “I’m in love with Kelela, I think she’s incredible on every level,” she began.

Up next: “I love Serpent With Feet, I like him a lot; Anohni, I think she’s genius; I mean, I like a composer called Jurg Frey, who’s from Switzerland; I love Rihanna, she’s the best.”

As ever, it is wonderfully eclectic.


Kelela Mizanekristos, known predominantly as Kelela, is an American singer and songwriter who has been regularly praised by Bjork.

On July 14, 2017, Kelela announced her debut studio album, Take Me Apart.

Serpent With Feet

New York City singer Josiah Wise is a jazz vocalist, had a goth phase, wanted to become an opera singer and once created a neo-soul group.

After it all, he arrived here, following a battle with acceptance and finding the artistic path he wanted to take.

And what a journey:


With little introduction need, Anohni is a transgender woman of extreme cultural importance having once expressed her artistry as the lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons before moving to release new material under her new name in 2015. 

With some poignancy, it is believed Anohni played her last ever show this week (20th November): “I keep telling everyone it’s my last show, but no one seems to believe me.”

Jurg Frey

Sound artist and clarinettist, Swiss native Frey joined The Wandelweiser Group (an international group of composers/performers) in 1993 to create his music.

According to Radu Malfatti, Wandelweiser music is about “the evaluation and integration of silence(s) rather than an ongoing carpet of never-ending sounds.”


Seriously, we don’t need to write anything here.