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(Credit: Columbia Pictures)


Exploring the spectacular filming locations of 'Uncharted'


There is no globetrotter in video games quite as significant as Nathan Drake of the Uncharted series, a chiseled action star based on the greatest heroes of action cinema including Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Across the course of five games, the adventurer took on daring quests to retrieve fantastical treasures from the strangest corners of the world, venturing to real-life locations in Nepal and Panama to mythical lands like Shangri La and El Dorado. 

With wild set pieces and bombastic action scenes, the Uncharted series has long been seen as a video game series with strong potential to be made into a cinematic franchise, with Sony pictures finally pulling the trigger in 2022. Starring Tom Holland as the iconic video game hero, the young actor appears alongside Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali and Antonio Banderas among many others, with the production taking the cast to many corners of the globe. 

Using real-life locations as well as elaborate sets to bring the film to life, the brand new video game adaptation utilises the very best modern cinematic techniques to bridge the gap between the classic adventure films of old and the thrill of contemporary action movies. Well reflecting the progressive yet traditional themes of the Uncharted series itself, let’s take a look into the real-life locations used for the brand new movie.

The filming locations of Uncharted:

Berlin, Germany

Much of Uncharted was filmed at the iconic Babelsberg Studio in Potsdam, just outside of Berlin, the very same studio where Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic Metropolis was brought to life. 

It was here that many of the film’s more spectacular moments were captured, whilst the surrounding areas of the city itself were also used in production, with a key scene taking place at the fascinating Deutsche Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz in Berlin. A large 19th-century brick building, the space has recently been refurbished to possess an impressive glass atrium that provides the perfect setting for the grand mystery of the film itself. 

(Credit: Claudio Schwarz)

Barcelona, Spain

Keeping much of the primary filming in central Europe, Barcelona was the secondary location for the film beside Berlin, with several of the city’s stunning landmarks being used for the action movie. Significant locations used throughout the production include the giant, ostentatious National Art Museum of Catalonia, as well as the Santa Maria del Pi, a 15th-century church that attracts thousands of tourists annually thanks to its stunning stained-glass windows. 

Embodying the spirit of the video game franchise, Barcelona became a favourite location for several members of the cast and crew who were taken aback by its sheer scale and beauty. Describing the city as his “home away from home,” the film’s star Tom Holland commented, “Shooting in Barcelona was a dream come true. It’s such a beautiful city with such amazing history and for a story that is about exploration and finding uncovered history, it’s a perfect city to tell that story”. 

(Credit: Logan Armstrong)

Costa Brava, Spain

As an iconic globetrotter, it wouldn’t have been right if the character of Nathan Drake never left Europe in his debut on the silver screen, so following their work in Berlin and Barcelona, the production team made their way to Costa Brava where they replicated the look and feel of Southeast Asia. Using the Sa Boadella cove in Lloret del Mar, the team transformed the area into a beach resort situated in Asia, with the film cleverly fooling audiences into thinking Drake was travelling the world when in reality, he was simply watching his spending. 

Utilising a combination of digital wizardry and real-life locations, Sony’s Uncharted is something of an outlier in contemporary cinema, with many productions simply preferring to use green screens to recreate entire lands. Visiting some of the most impressive landmarks in Europe, the brand new film is a must-watch for any globetrotting cinephile.