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The Fantastics! feat Sulene Fleming - Cold Case

Today’s track of the day is a funk/soul gem by London outfit The Fantastics! featuring the splendidly sultry vocal talents of Sulene Fleming, a versatile singer songwriter also based in England’s capital.


Signed to Freestyle Records in 2009 The Fantastics! released their debut album Mighty Righteous later that year to critical acclaim: leading to live performances on BBC radio 2’s Mark Lamarr show and on behalf of the keen funk enthusiast and soul bastion Craig Charles they donned the international airwaves, appearing on the much coveted BBC radio 6 tuning as well as landing innumerable festival and club stages across the continent.

Cold case sounds like everything but its title suggests: a combination of a marble smooth soul-jazz groove infused with a wondrously sexy vocal and equally tantalising lyric of Fleming are enough to set any soul on fire.  It is no wonder that her naturally raw yet strangely refined powerful style has led to comparisons with the likes of Chaka Khan and Tina Turner (when the latter was in the tumultuous but highly creative years with Ike).

Unfortunately The Fantastics! have disappeared off the radar in the past few years but when a band makes music of such splendour, as they have in Cold Case, then you know it won’t be long  until they’re back in action, dishing  out a musical high to all who have gone cold turkey in their absence.

To find out more on The Fantastics! and Sulene Fleming  just visit the pages below.

Joshua Hevicon