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The Family Rain


The Family Rain - Feel Better (Frank)

When we first brought you The Family Rain, the trio of brothers from Bath were entering the scene like a bull in a china shop; with a cacophony of cattle bone riffs and thunderous drums. Their new track, Feel Better (Frank) taken from their forthcoming album shows a sophistication added to a still ever increasing bow for the Walter brothers.

This creative turn takes them away from their previous bluesier roots, with a song embellished by flowering guitars with a razor sharp edge. Keeping their rock tone and the whining vocals of William are what give the band their distinctively British tang. They slice through a bittersweet mix of subversive guitar and simple heavy rhythm like a crafted knife and leave behind a slab of Great British stilton.

By bringing the drums to centre stage with a rapid, thundering beat Timothy, on drums, give his brother Ollie the license to really open the taps on his musical motor. With this sturdy backdrop of beats the guitars interchange between hitting accurate riffs and other more cultured strokes.

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Unofficial video – Featuring James ‘Big Balls’ Hunt 

With the album out in early 2014, The Family Rain have lost the Beatles suits but picked up their musical intuition and delivered with this track a tasty morsel of whats to come.Touring with Miles Kane and Jake Bugg, two of Britpop’s recent starlets, could further reinforce this sophistication and pursuit of stardom. There is a clear 60’s influence and it’s easy to liken The Beatles to this new leathery track but there’s a stronger cutting edge to The Family Rain.

They still possess their deep seated backwater blues roots, accompanied by a rock star swagger and a demand to be heard. This can all be seen in their pounding live sets where they flourish in their own darkening domain. Catch them on some of the headline shows dotted around the country. If I was you I would get your hands on one of these tickets, as their live show is truly something to behold.

With Feel Better The Family Rain are showing they can add a little more craftmanship to their sledgehammer live show. If this track is anything to go by, the album could be a storming success for The Family Rain and with this new direction there could be a full on flood.


Jack Whatley