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The Districts share new song 'Outlaw Love'

The Districts - 'Outlaw Love'

American indie rockers The Districts have released their latest single, ‘Outlaw Love’.

Ramping up for the release of their fifth studio album Great American Painting in February, the band have already given us previews of the upcoming album through the singles ‘I Want to Feel It All’ and ‘Do It Over’. Those two tracks were spacey and slightly more electronica-based than the band’s more straightforward rock of the past, and ‘Outlaw Love’ seems to continue that trend.

Less firmly rooted in drum machines and keyboards than the album’s previous two singles, ‘Outlaw Love’ retains the heavily reverberated guitar sounds that are all over the band’s catalogue. The track also features some catchy central melodies underscoring the feeling of having your heart stolen away from you.

Lines like “Thought you were in love it was fool’s gold honey / Thought you were in love it was highway robbery” paint a personal and slightly more sinister picture of an album that is attempting to say something about America at large. “In a way, this album is asking, ‘What is the great American painting? Is it police brutality, or is it this beautiful landscape?’ And the truth is it’s all of that,” lead singer Rob Grote explains.

Even though the band is now down to just a trio, having lost bassist Connor Jacobus between their previous LP You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere and Great American Painting, Grote says that the bond between the band members is as strong as ever.

“It just felt so nice to spend time with the people I care about, to have fun and try to make something good for the world,” Grote says. “That feeling of kinship and solidarity is something the band hopes to extend with the album’s release. The thing I value most in music is when an album expresses some sort of pain or frustration, or hope that I also feel. I hope this album makes people feel like something within themselves is reflected in the wider world, and I hope that makes them feel less alone.”

Check out the video for ‘Outlaw Love’ down below.