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(Credit: Nicolò Bonazzi / Hunter Desportes)


Watch The Cure's Robert Smith passionately talk about his love for David Bowie

Robert Smith, the iconic frontman of post-punk icons The Cure, has never been shy to discuss his admiration for the great David Bowie.

Bowie, whose ever-developing career and repeated character changes propelled him to the top of popular music, had impacted Smith’s vision of music and helped formulate his understanding of the type of music he wanted to create within his band.

While The Cure are undoubtedly a band who verge closer to the darker side of proceedings in their earlier material, a conscious decision by Smith to lighten the mood by introducing a more significant pop sensibility to the band’s sound resulted in hits such as ‘Friday I’m In Love’ and ‘Lovesong’.

Drawn into a conversation about how Bowie had influenced his approach to music, Smith answered: “I listened to music before Bowie, obviously. I have an older brother and he played me Hendrix, Cream and Captain Beefheart… all that type of stuff from the 1960s but David Bowie was probably the first artist that I felt was mine. He was singing to me.

“He [Bowie] was the first album I ever bought, Ziggy Stardust was the first vinyl album I ever bought. I always loved how he did things as much as what he did. I love that idea of being an outsider and creating characters.

He added: “I look back at some the things we’ve [The Cure] done and I can see echoes of some of Bowie’s stuff in it.”

“I got my dream come true when he invited me to sing with him at his birthday in New York. That was a fantastic night, unreal actually for something like that to happen.”

See the clip, below.