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The Cure share more details on "dark, incredibly intense" new album


The Cure have released more details about their “incredibly intense” upcoming new album.

The record, their first in ten years and the eagerly awaited follow up to 2008’s 4:13_Dream, was recorded at the iconic Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire.

“We actually went into the studio where they did ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’,” Robert Smith explained to Rolling Stone. “It’s a great studio in the middle of nowhere. We just played music for three weeks. And it’s great. I know everyone says that. But it really is fucking great.”

With The Cure confirmed for a series of festival appearances, Smith also admitted that the new material might struggle to translate to festival slots, admitting that: “It’s so dark. It’s incredibly intense.”

He continued: “The songs are like 10 minutes, 12 minutes long. We recorded 19 songs. So I have no idea what to do now. The others are saying, ‘triple album!’ I’m saying, no let’s not. I’ll pick six or maybe eight songs and do like a single album. But I think I will delight our hardcore fans. And probably really, really infuriate everyone else. At my age, I’m still doom and gloom.”

The band still don’t have a specific date planned for the release but, perhaps fittingly, they’ve outlined a potential Halloween plan: “before we start in the summer, and it’ll be mixed through the summer. And then so release date, I don’t know, October? Halloween! Come on!”

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