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(Credit: The Cribs / Press)


The Cribs to support Modest Mouse on tour

Modest Mouse and The Cribs are going to tour North America. The bands have had form together, as no less a luminary than Johnny Marr toured with both bands as part of his post-Smiths trajectory. 

Marr joined Modest Mouse in time for their 2007 album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. As it happened, the album was Marr’s first experience of hitting the US number one, and Marr enjoyed the process immensely. “I stayed in the band, and I loved being in the band,” explained Marr. “There was a brotherhood that is there to this day. Probably the best time of my life.”

Marr was also quick to praise the band’s writing abilities. adding: “And Isaac Brock is the greatest lyricist I’ve ever worked with. I’ve seen him write an amazing song, and then make it better, and then make it better again.”

Later, the guitarist was hungry for new experiences and joined The Cribs to record Ignore the Ignorant in 2009. Like Modest Mouse before them, Marr was complimentary about the album, describing it as “good” as anything within his expanding repertoire. 

The Cribs were supposed to headline their very own tour, but they had to postpone due to Covid concerns. They released a tweet confirming their intention to re-schedule the proposed dates. But fans will get the opportunity to watch The Cribs support Modest Mouse in the coming months. The upcoming shows will include a stint at Charlottesville, before concluding in New York in June. 

Marr is clearly impressed by the tour, and voiced his support with the tweet that said, “killer.” Marr is about to release his own solo album, Fever Dreams Pt 1-4. 

In other Marr-related news, the guitarist entered into a sparring match with his former bandmate, Morrissey. Morrissey issued the first public blow, by publishing an open letter that asked his bandmate to stop mentioning him in interviews, considering that the two stopped working together in the 1980s. 

Marr responded on social media, likening his bandmates antiquated approaches to the 1950s, and suggested his position on “fake news” were similar to a former American President. 

Stream Marr performing with Modest Mouse below.