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Johnny Marr comically responds to Morrissey’s angry open letter


Yesterday evening, Morrissey penned an open letter to his former Smiths bandmate, Johnny Marr, demanding that he stops mentioning his name in interviews and focuses on his own career instead. 

While this proved somewhat perplexing given that Marr very rarely mentions his former frontman unless it is in regards to the wider context of The Smiths, Morrissey’s message hinted at a long-lingering pain that he simply had to get off his chest.  

Thus, Marr has taken to Twitter to respond to the lambast he faced from ‘Moz’, writing, no doubt with a wry smile on his face: “Dear [Morrissey], An ‘open letter’ hasn’t really been a thing since 1953, It’s all ‘social media’ now.”

Then, as if to drop in a portly right-wing agitator as a subtle meta-jibe, he continued: “Even Donald J Trump had that one down. Also, this fake news business… a bit 2021 yeah?” Before signing his message off with the hashtag: “Making Indie Great Again”. 

If this response seems somewhat scathing, then at least it was more concise than Morrissey’s diatribe as the flower-swinging singer wrote: “We haven’t known each other for 35 years – which is many lifetimes ago. When we met you and I were not successful.”

Continuing: “We both helped each other become whatever it is we are today.  Can you not just leave it at that? Must you persistently, year after year, decade after decade, blame me for everything … from the 2007 Solomon Islands tsunami to the dribble on your grandma’s chin?”

Whether Marr’s response will draw a line under the lingering feud or the dormant fire is just beginning to be stoked is anyone’s guess, but my money would be placed firmly on the favourite: we may well hear back from Morrissey yet.  

You can check out Morrissey’s initial out-of-the-blue onslaught by clicking here.