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The Chicks describe Harvey Weinstein encounter as "one of the scariest meetings we’ve ever had"

The Chicks, the band formerly known as The Dixie Chicks, have detailed a scary encounter they had at the hands of convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

The band’s experience with the former Hollywood mogul Weinstein came in 2006, the band recalling his vile treatment to the female directors they used on their documentary Shut Up and Sing.

Speaking to The Guardian about the film, which was produced by Weinstein and followed the backlash the trio received after criticising George W. Bush and the Iraq War, the band offer an insight into the terrible treatment of women on set. According to the group’s multi-instrumentalist Martie Maguire, Weinstein attempted to bully the directors into ending the documentary on a happy note, which seemed ingenuine. “He was standing, screaming at them,” she divulged. “We were all dumbfounded.”

Singer Natalie Maines called the incident “one of the scariest meetings we’ve ever had” and considers it one of her biggest regrets. “I really wish I could be back in that room and go: ‘Listen, motherfucker, don’t you talk to our directors like that,’” she admitted.

Shen then added: “I know first-hand how scary that man can be. He was definitely getting off on belittling them because it was completely unnecessary and abusive.”