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(Credit: Luke Henery)


The Chats confirm new album 'Get Fucked'


Get the name of the upcoming second album by The Chats. The Australian punk’s follow-up to their 2020 debut, High Risk Behaviour, is slated for arrival on August 19th via their own label, Bargain Bin Records.

To celebrate the good news, the trio have offered up the album’s leading track GL GTR, which was written as an attack on petrol-heads everywhere: “Don’t need a big flash, fancy car / Just need a six-litre GTR,” sings frontman Eamon Sandwith.

The new track has been released alongside a Marco Imov-directed video featuring animated versions of The Chats – (Sandwith, drummer Matt Boggis and guitarist Josh Hardy) speeding along the highway on the tail of the titular GTR.

Get Fucked was recorded over six days at Brisbane’s Hunting Ground with producer Cody McWaters. By the sounds of it, the process was pretty laid back: “They weren’t like hardcore working days,” Sandwith recalled. “We would start at eleven and finish at four, and in the middle of that we’d go to the pub for lunch for two hours, and have a few beers. Then we’d go, ‘Oh shit, we better go back and do some recording!’ Our work etiquette wasn’t great.”

Opening up about the new LP, the frontman added: “We just thought how funny would it be, if you were a kid seeing it on the album cover. I remember going to K-Mart and seeing the Green Day Dookie CD, and being like, ‘Aw man, this is the craziest album cover I’ve ever seen!’ Imagine being a kid and just seeing a CD that says, Get Fucked!”

The Chats are set to tour Get Fucked around Australia in September, with shows lined up for Hobart, Sydney. Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle. Along the way, they’ll be joined by support acts Aborted Tortoise, The Prize and Mean Jeans. You can check out the full Get Fucked tracklist below.

The Chats – Get Fucked:

  1. ‘6L GTR’
  2. ‘Struck By Lightning’
  3. ‘Boggo Road’
  4. ‘Southport Superman’
  5. ‘Panic Attack’
  6. ‘Ticket Inspector’
  7. ‘The Price of Smokes’
  8. ‘Dead on Site’
  9. ‘Paid Late’
  10. ‘I’ve Been Drunk in Every Pub in Brisbane’
  11. ‘Out on the Street’
  12. ‘Emperor of the Beach’
  13. ‘Getting Better’