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The Big Pink return after a decade with ‘No Angels’

The Big Pink - 'No Angels'

The Big Pink have returned after a decade with their new single ‘No Angels’ claiming that the song is “true to what we stand for” which had many starved fans wondering whether it was an anthem to honour lengthy sabbaticals.

A lay-off as long as ten years is always a worry. After all, that’s not quite a hiatus, that’s a career for some people. Thus, inevitable questions get tossed around regarding true motives, whether it will be a nostalgia-fest that fizzles out, or if time will have turned them into an entirely new band. 

Well, perhaps the biggest triumph of the track is that it almost seems like the band have been making music during that time and simply not releasing it. Neither a tired reiteration nor a total reimagining, the song sounds like the old sound that you used to love, but with an evident strain of matured evolution in the mix too. 

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As Robbie Furze said of the song, “It’s a track reflecting that moment when you understand that all you’ve set your sights on has led to a place far away from where you should be and everything you truly love. It took sacrificing everything I’d built in London and moving to Los Angeles, a place I thought I needed to be in order to achieve my dreams, for me to realise that it was about much more than just myself.”

Furze introspectively continues: “I had a moment of clarity when I understood what’s truly important and what I needed to do to get back to everything and everyone that I loved. That’s what this song is about.”

With all of this in the background, you might worry that the song would lose its way and try to cram too much into the comeback like an old boxer who comes out swinging wildly. However, ‘No Angels’ refreshingly takes a more minimalist approach. This turn offers up their old raw, fuzzed-out energy and atmosphere without overloading it. 

The result is a song that doesn’t smash home the point of their return, but it’s gently bruising enough for you to know they’re back in the room and they’ll be charming you with more adrenalised ditties soon.

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