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Helado Negro shares bittersweet new single ‘Ya No Estoy Aqui’

Helado Negro - 'Ya No Estoy Aqui'

How can it be that I don’t know what he’s saying but I can understand every word? Only music can do that — and it is the triumph of Helado Negro’s latest outing that he manages to translate the communicative emotion of story-in-sound with bittersweet aplomb.

The swirling soundscape, withdrawn vocals and the meta of his melodic words whisk up a communicative swarm of emotion as a brooding, bittersweet feeling shines through like a beautiful day when your mood won’t shift to match it.

As mellowed as Helado Negro is most of the time, the ambience might be amorphous but hidden in its shapeless form is a visceral cutting edge. It defies any studio-bound feel and taps into the realm of some sort of primordial hum tapping into an emotive state that we have all felt.

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This universality gives ‘Ya No Estoy Aqui’ a spiritual sense that soothes and stings like a balm to a wound you barely knew was open. As Roberto Carlos Lange explained: “[It’s] a song about loneliness and alienation. It’s about being lost within yourself and not knowing who you are. Making this song was catharsis; it was a way to get this all out and feel the texture of new perspectives.”

The song takes inspiration from a film of the same name and Lange explained: “This movie moved me in ways that nothing else has moved in a long time. It is about a young man from Monterrey, Mexico, who gets into trouble and is forced to leave for his safety to New York. The language barrier, the cultural isolation, and his characteristics spiral him more towards his loneliness and isolation.”

Continuing: “Music was his only solace. Songs that he would dance to by himself and disappear into the memory of being somewhere else with the people he missed and loved.” That sense of bittersweet escapism is perfectly transposed into this beauteous piece of bliss bleached sorrowful music. 

You can check out the surrealist video for Helado Negro emotive new single below. 

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