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(Credit: Andrew G. Hobbs)


Pet Deaths launch new album with another celestial folk gem ‘Swingtime’

Pet Deaths - 'Swingtime'

London based duo Pet Deaths are set to release their second album, Unhappy Ending. Seemingly they will do so in style as they launch the record with another dose of bliss brimming celestial folk with their new single ‘Swingtime’. And as that track’s title suggests they’ve taken things in a jazzy direction this time out. 

In fact, the press release refreshingly captures it almost perfectly, the track coaxes “the spiritual moments of Alice Coltrane, the freshness of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, with a sprinkling of Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden”. The only thing that list of similarities misses out on is how truly singular the sound of their ethereal aura proves. However, it is beautifully reassuring that they have the wherewithal to assimilate their parallel influences and the joyous humility to openly celebrate them. 

Amorphous and textured, the track sports the same unfurling production flourishes that made their previous single ‘All The Things You Said You Were’ soar. Fleeting flashes of flickering instrumentation and subtle changes do nothing to detract from the coherence of the song’s swirling atmosphere, but they do give it the musical contour shifts to make the listen into a whirling journey both sonically and spiritually.

Pet Deaths return with ‘All the Things You Said You Were’

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Once more, this pitch-perfect production (Ian Davenport) mingles magically with the songwriting on display. Speaking of which, vocalist Liam Karima explains: “It’s a bite in the cheek song about irony at its bitter finest, protecting that loved one from the rogues and strapping in for the bumpy ride. When we suddenly see the sun through the clouds and it gets snatched away by a rain cloud; when we buy the milk and it’s sour; just when you think things are about to get better, D:REAM write a song about it – we go back to swingtimes.”

This bittersweet essence is palpable as a vignette in the song and makes it endlessly giving. Rarely does music of such complexity weave its kaleidoscopic musicology and themes with such filigreed tessellation that it ultimately asks for nothing from you and gives everything in return. It can prop you passively on a lofty pillow or it can lure you towards heights that you’ll never swim to the ceiling of.

Accompanying the single is a new video created by Karima and the photographer Kulbir Thandi. You can check this out below along with the tracklisting for Unhappy Ending (including ‘Praise Cilla Black’ which I’m sure we’re all looking forward to) which is due out on May 27th via Silver Mind Records, and the dates of their forthcoming live dates. 

Unhappy Endings tracklisting: 

1. All the things you said you were (i don’t believe in ghosts)
2. Swingtime
3. Pretty mistake (in the cul-de-sac)
4. Praise cilla black
5. Don’t die on me now (loser)
6. Now that’s what I call cheap talk!
7. Not everyone cares (if you die)
8. Happy ending
9. Sleep tight tonight

Pet Deaths live shows:

28 May, Newcastle – Cobalt Studios
31 May, London – Moth Club
9 April, Falmouth – Wanderfal Festival
14 May, Leeds – IN COLOUR, Brudenell Social Club
9 June, Bristol – The Crofters Rights
10 June, Manchester – Gullivers
11 June, Sheffield – Yellow Arch
12 August, Saffron Walden, Audley End (supporting Elbow)

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