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The Big Moon cover Madonna’s ‘Beautiful Stranger’


The fearsome quartet are back from their ‘Barbie with a dildo’ video, to make your feet shuffle to one of the most underrated songs of the 90’s, Madonna’s ‘Beautiful Stranger’, as they take the Austin Powers soundtrack (yes, it was, honestly) staple and turn it on its head with some seriously powerful affects.

The Big moon are known for having a little fun and one of their showpieces at their live performances is this brilliant rendition of ‘Beautiful Stranger’. It at times channels grunge with its heavy riffs and sardonic vocals and even goes a little psyche with the synth.

Whichever genre you want to label this cover with is essentially irrelevant. What the band prove is that no matter what the genre, no matter what the song or cult icon, The Big Moon can make you dance to anything.

Time to get sweaty ladies and gents.