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Credit: Benson/Hawk Films


Listen to Peter Sellers as 'Dr. Strangelove' read The Beatles' 'She Loves You'


Peter Sellers may not be a household name now but in the sixties and beyond until his death in 1980, Sellers was largely considered one of Britain’s finest actors, comedy or otherwise. Here he embodies his most famous character to give a hilarious reading of The Beatles’ ‘She loves You’.

Sellers had been in contact with George Martin for some years following Martin’s work on Sellers’ own comedy records The Best Of Sellers and Songs for Swinging Sellers and the pair became good friends. Once Martin linked up with the Fab Four he invited Sellers to meet the band.

He was soon enough involved in the growing Beatlemania, offering a cameo appearance on The Music of Lennon and McCartneyand did a spoof reading of The Beatles’ ‘A Hard Days Night’ in the tone of Laurence Olivier as Henry III.

The Beatles were big Sellers fans too. So much so, they invited the comedian, who was finding fame as part of The Goon Show to give a reading of the 1963 hit ‘She Loves You’ just for a bit of fun. The actor read the lyrics to the song four times. Once as his iconic character ‘Dr. Strangelove’, with a fine Irish accent, with a Cockney accent and a posh or “upper crust” accent too.

It’s a wonderfully heartwarming listen. Aside from Cockney, Irish and Upper Crust, which are all funny in their own way, the reading as Dr. Strangelove is bizarre, brilliant and hilarious in equal measure. The iconic character from the 1964 film takes on a new comic tone on this reading. But that just adds to the fun of it all.

The readings were released posthumously following Sellers’ death in 1980 on albums that are no longer in circulation, so below is your only chance to drink it in. Listen below to Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove reading The Beatles’ ‘She Loves You’ from 1964.

Source: Open Culture