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Credit: YouTube


Listen to an 11-year-old Björk cover The Beatles 'Fool on the Hill' in Icelandic

We’ve heard hundreds of Beatles covers over our time as fans of the Fab Four but we’ve never heard a cover quite like the cover from an 11-year-old Björk. The 1977 cover of ‘Fool on the Hill’, which the pint-sized singer belts out, is translated into Icelandic for full power.

The future avant-garde phenomenon Björk gives an outstanding vocal performance even if it is slightly difficult to understand despite the welly she gives it, especially at the fading end. The little artist captures the essence of the Paul McCartney-penned track.

It was written and sung by Paul McCartney yet credited to Lennon–McCartney the track was recorded in 1967. ‘Fool on the Hill’ was included on the Magical Mystery Tour EP and album, and presented in the Magical Mystery Tour television film. While we can’t guarantee that The Beatles could have ‘inspired’ a small child, Björk is usually the exception to the rule. After all, she did have a record deal for an album.

The process of the 11-year-old Björk recording the album—which has since been given the working name of Björk (album)—began after she appeared on Icelandic radio singing the song ‘I Love to Love’ thanks to an opportunity which arose at the music school in which she was studying at. From that moment, Björk picked up a record deal with the help of her stepfather Sævar.

The record composed of 10 songs that blended some original songs and a selection of cover songs, most of which were translated into Icelandic. Most prominently, The Beatles track ‘The Fool on the Hill’, which was translated into ‘Álfur Út Úr Hól’. The singer also covered Stevie Wonder’s song ‘Your Kiss Is Sweet’ which became Björk’s song ‘Búkolla’.

While the album received somewhat negative reviews, Björk was offered a second album through the label but she decided turned down the opportunity and instead spent the money on a piano in order to create her own material.

But for now, listening back to the astonishing cover of The Beatles’ ‘Fool on the Hill’ from an 11-year-old Björk.