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(Credit: Warner Bros.)


‘The Batman’ soundtrack features Nirvana and Peggy Gou

The mythology of Batman has been explored by many accomplished filmmakers, ranging from Tim Burton to Christopher Nolan. With the release of The Batman earlier this month, Matt Reeves has takes the legacy of the iconic character into a new era with Robert Pattinson donning the costume of the famous caped crusader.

Since the film’s release, many elements of The Batman have received critical acclaim including the fantastic cinematography that injected Gotham City with a neo-noir atmosphere. Another aspect of Reeves’ film that got a lot of love from audiences and critics was the use of iconic songs – especially Nirvana’s ‘Something In The Way’.

According to Reeves, this interpretation of the Batman was actually modelled after Kurt Cobain while Paul Dano repeatedly listened to ‘Something In The Way’ for inspiration while getting into the volatile mindset required to play a character like The Riddler. For those who have seen it, it is evident just how much of an influence Nirvana had on the film.

Alongside Nirvana and the score by  Michael Giacchino, other talented artists also contributed to the soundtrack including two tracks by Peggy Gou who took to Instagram to celebrate the achievement: “I am proud to share that two of my tracks feature on the soundtrack for The Batman! Big thanks to the team for including me.”

The soundtrack also featured other artists such as Alesso and Corvad, with the latter also revealing a love for the character: “In my childhood Batman Returns was the first movie which I had on VHS and I watched it thousands of times, and I even couldn’t imagine that one day my music will become a part of this universe created by DC.”

Check out the full soundtrack of The Batman here.