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The Amazing Snakeheads - Testifying Time


Do you want to hear some body shaking, relentless rock ‘n’ roll fuelled punk, but only have one minute and five seconds in your busy day? Well, Far Out have the answer in the form of The Amazing Snakeheads and their full throttle track Testifying Time. 

Coming out that grit filled garage mecca of Glasgow these three lads are determined to bring the UK back down to earth with this testosterone induced track. Compiling all the vigour and ferocity of punk with all the bouncing rhythm of blues, this band look set to creep in to the consciousness of any devout digger of demonic rock.

The bass is heavy, the riffs are pounding and the drums are tight. This would be enough to get anybody salivating, but add Dale’s growling vocals and you have a sure fire hit. Released on Domino Records and currently being played on any radio station worth it’s salt; Testifying Time has the ability to change one’s day and leave them screaming “Testifiying!” and their neighbours pounding on the walls.

The Amazing Snakeheads, truly possess the ability to become one of ‘the next big thing’s the music media continually drone on about. They have a bass driven rock ‘n’ roll style that is backed up by a fantastic live show, a mysterious background and songs that are, in equal parts, terrifying and impossible to keep still to.


With Testifying Time, Dale’s guitar infiltrates your brain with a noxious buzz, Will’s bass gives the track a jumping melody, all compacted by Jordon’s drums and for a minute, well a minute and five seconds, you become that rock n roll icon you always dreamed you would be.


By Jack Whatley