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Remembering The Amazing Snakeheads' electrifying show at London's Bethnal Green Working Men's Club


The Amazing Snakeheads were, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most all-encompassing, electrifying, raw live bands of recent times.

The band, pouring with emotion through their frontman Dale Barclay, had the ability to rock you to the absolute core. It is with sad news today that Far Out report that Barclay, who formed the Glaswegian band with William Coombe and Jordon Hutchinson in 2010, has tragically passed away at the age of 32.

Barclay was suffering from a rare form of brain cancer and was desperately trying to raise the money for specialist treatment. Despite amounting over £40,000 of the required £100,000 target, the enigmatic frontman has tragically lost his battle.

After four years of plying their trade with unforgettable live shows, the band eventually got their break and signed to major label Domino Records and went on to release their only album, 2014s Amphetamine Ballads, to critical acclaim.

The band would end up splitting just one year later, announcing: “The Amazing Snakeheads are over. Never, ever to return. To anyone who came to get down, I thank you with all my heart. Dale Barclay.”

For all fans yearning for new material, the end of the band came far too soon. Barclay, straining through gritted teeth and staring into the soul of every fan who ever attending the band’s live shows was an experience that will never be forgotten.

One of those performances, taken from London’s Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, captured the band and Barclay in all their glory.

Enjoy the footage of ‘I’m a Vampire’, here: