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Help raise money to fund Amazing Snakeheads' Dale Barclay's vital cancer treatment


Dale Barclay, frontman of The Amazing Snakeheads, is appealing for help to raise money for his urgent cancer treatment.

Making music with And Yet It Moves and occasionally the Fat White Family, Barclay has a rare form of brain cancer and is desperately trying to raise the money for specialist treatment.

So far, he’s almost halfway to his target.

Explaining the situation in his GoFundMe campaign, he wrote: “I have had one craniotomy which removed 90% of the initial tumour.

“After that, I did six weeks of radiotherapy and six months of a clinical trial alongside chemotherapy. My tumour has two mutations which make it rarer than average (had to be!). The cancer has returned. The fight continues with the power to face it raging in me.”

He continues: “There is no doubt, whatsoever, that I’ll be living with cancer for as long as I am alive. However time pans out, it’s here, it’s now and it’s not going anywhere. The NHS have been stellar, true heroes – too many to mention. They have done everything in their power for me, but my treatment from here on out is going to cost money. I need specialist care. I am officially a customer. This is the reality.”

He added: “So, on to the point, I am asking for your help. All contributions will be greatly and deeply appreciated by me, my wife and my team. I do not stand alone and it gives me tremendous strength.”

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