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The 1990s movie Jake Gyllenhaal calls his favourite

An actor is rarely loved by everyone, but with Jake Gyllenhaal, this seems to be the case. Arguably one of the finest actors of his generation, his filmography is an extensive and varied collection that demonstrates the flexibility of his craft, the clearest indicator of how much of a true thespian he is. 

Gyllenhaal has enjoyed a remarkable career in the sense that he’s starred in countless iconic films, and it is this consistency that has helped to save him from any real criticism, as well as the fact that he has forever been one of Hollywood’s more approachable figures. 

Donnie Darko, The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain, Zodiac, Prisoners, Enemy, and Nightcrawler are the kind of titles that he stars in, uber-successful yet pertinent films, meaning that Gyllenhaal has always toed the line between commercial and artistic, another indication of his dexterity. 

Given that he is such a hero of cinema, fans have long wanted to know what Jake Gyllenhaal’s favourite film is. When he sat down with Rotten Tomatoes to list his five favourite films, they got what they were looking for, and he showered a lot of praise on one film, in particular: Cameron Crowe’s 1996 hit Jerry Maguire. Gyllenhaal loves it so much that he went as far as to label it “a quintessential ’90s movie”.

Gyllenhaal said: “Another is Jerry Maguire, because inevitably it’s just something I can never turn off whenever it’s on the television, and I think that has a power of its own. I also think that… What is it about that movie? I’m trying to think.”

The Nightcrawler star was then asked if there was “something going on” in his life at the time, to which he responded: “Yeah, I feel like it’s a quintessential ’90s movie. You know what I mean? I would actually put Jerry Maguire and Fast Times at Ridgemont High right up there with each other, in the same spot. I know I’m filling up two spots but I know Cameron Crowe wrote Fast Times at Ridgemont High, didn’t he?”

He continued: “God, I’m really flying by the seat of my pants here. I just want you to know that, like, I have not really thought about this, so you’re getting some legit unconscious. One of my favourite things about that is I watched the DVD commentary and the scene where Phoebe Cates comes out of the pool, and she like takes off her top — apparently, Cameron Crowe said that during the time when — the youngins will remember this — but when you would rent VHS tapes, that it was rewound so many times in that one spot that every time she did it would go fuzzy.”

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