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Temples - Keep In The Dark


Temples are still pushing glitter through our ears with this slowed down, glammed up piece of guitar glory. Keep In The Dark takes on from where Colours of Life and Shelter Song left off. Full of Bolan-esque dreaming vocals and string by string guitar all designed to develop the neurosis of the night before, we’re hoping that Keep In The Dark can gently submit you from the surreal Saturdays into the sublime Sunday nonchalance.

That’s really what this band and this track is about; nonchalance. Not caring about the androgynous look of your sequinned top against your mop of hair, or the fact that your dad was probably doing it before he set his coaled up eyes on your mum. Temples have made a point of forgetting the critics and naysayers that brand this all too familiar and they do so in a flurry of white powder and girls knickers.

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Enough of the off-record antics these boys regardless of everything else know how to write a record and Keep In The Dark is no different. As well as keeping the glittery tendencies of the band they also introduce some deep brass into the interlude along with their usual blues riffs and charismatic vocals.

Temples will continue to write song after song of seventies sullied, filthy glam rock and they will continue to draw critics with their sketch paper style. But forget the critics, this band and their legion of fans are slowly starting to take over the British Isles to a Bay City Rollers level of hysteria. With a UK tour in the Autumn who could blame them? It is damn catchy.

Jack Whatley