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(Credit: Raph PH)


Tears For Fears release patriarchy-smashing video ‘Break The Man’

1980s pop sensation Tears for Fears are back with a new single, this time soaking it with a more polemical edge. The track is taken from The Tipping Point, the band’s first studio album in over 15 years. The album will be released on February 25th via Concord Records.

“I feel that a lot of the problems we’ve been having as a country and even worldwide to a certain degree has come from male dominance,” Tears for Fears guitarist Curt Smith explained about the single. “It’s a song about a woman who is strong enough to break the man. For me, that would be an answer to a lot of the problems in the world – a better male-female balance.”

The band have praised the efforts of the #MeToo movement, and Smith claims that he could not have written the piece, but for Donald Trump‘s four-year reign as president. In a statement, Smith claimed that men are more concerned with “how big our dicks are”, and feels that men could learn from the wiseness of women. 

In the same statement, Smith slammed the “toxic masculinity” that leads to wars and outrage. He feels that society needs to learn empathy, and feels that a woman is the best person to teach it. 

Roland Orzabal contributed to the album, although his songs stemmed from a different place: the death of his wife. In an interview with The Irish Times, Orzabal outlined the “five years of hell” he went through, as he readied himself for the day he would become a widowed man. He says that his wife suffered from depression, and her drinking led to alcohol-related dementia. His way of coping was to channel this sadness into the songs. 

The pop-rock duo are going to tour Britain this summer and will perform a set at Shropshire on July 1st. They will also perform at Cardiff Castle, Wales, on July 23rd. In the aforementioned interview with The Irish Times, the band highlight their need to continue writing and recording, because they find it too boring recycling the same material over and over again. 

Stream ‘Break The Man’ below.