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Hear Taylor Hawkins and Foo Fighters cover Pink Floyd song 'Have A Cigar'


After the tragic passing of Taylor Hawkins, fans have been searching for content to remember the drummer and his exceptional musical talents. Of course, there are so many Foo Fighters songs that show off his skills, but finding a hidden gem within their discography offers a glimpse at another side of Hawkins.

Although not exactly within the cannon of their discography, Foo Fighters did run through a cover rendition of Pink Floyd’s iconic song ‘Have A Cigar’, a recording that allowed Taylor Hawkins to move away from the drum kit and, instead, behind the mic on vocal duties.

In this version of the song, you can get a glimpse of Hawkins’ raspy, unique, yet entirely classic-rock sounding voice. There’s a grit and scratch that works perfectly with this song, offering an alternative take on a classic. So, why did Foo Fighters choose to make the switch from Dave Grohl to Taylor Hawkins in the first place? Well, the answer could be traced back to Pink Floyd themselves.

In a piece of alternative music trivia, the original ‘Have a Cigar’ sees Pink Floyd introduce an outside lead singer for only the second time in their history. Roger Waters and David Gilmour stepped away from the microphone, welcoming Roy Harper to the lead the band. This alternative singer concept ties in with the Foo Fighters’ cover, and inspired them to make the switch.

Even though the original version of this song has its own strengths, the Foo Fighters’ cover brings the material into the present day with a modern rock sound and a faster pace. That’s a part of why Taylor Hawkins’ vocals work so well to blend with the rest of this track. 

Not only does this song blend exceptionally well with Taylor Hawkins’ voice on the track, but it also gives an insight into a side of the band that we don’t normally see. Even though Hawkins was widely considered to be a musical genius and creative legend in so many ways.

Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl referred to Hawkins as his “best friend and partner in crime,” someone who brightened up rooms with a bubbly presence and a constant “toothy grin”. It’s clear that this energy is something he brings so so many endeavors, including trying something new like hopping on vocals and paying tribute to a band that they all loved.

Following Hawkins’ passing, his bandmates and the entirety of the industry were shaken, making it imperative to find the content by which he can be remembered for his many talents and sharing it with the world.

Check out Taylor Hawkins’ vocal range and take a listen to the Foo Fighters version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Have a Cigar’, below.