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(Credit: Far Out / Ryanw2313 / Tabercil)


Hear Dave Grohl’s hilarious Christopher Walken impression


Everyone has a Christopher Walken impression. Or, at the very least, everyone has tried to replicate Walken’s unmistakable cadence at one point or another. With such a unique vocal style, Walken is one of the few people in the world who are instantly recognisable the second that you hear their voice. That means it’s only natural for some of Walken’s famous friends to get in their best imitations.

Kevin Pollack is a master of impressions, and he unsurprisingly has a well-honed Walked imitation. Before he became persona non grata from the entertainment industry, Kevin Spacey also had one of the best Walken takes. But of all the figures in the world of entertainment, perhaps the most unexpectedly perfect Christopher Walken impersonation has to go to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

Grohl and Walken first crossed paths when Foo Fighters appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2002. Walken was hosting that particular episode, and Grohl fell into the perfect opportunity to mess with Walken. “He comes up and he asked us if the accent was on ‘Foo’ or ‘Fighters’. And we know who he is, of course we know how he speaks, and we said, ‘Uh, the accent is on Fighters’,” Grohl recalled to Chris Moyles back in 2017.

Grohl then launches into a spot-on Walken impression, complete with the strangely-placed accent on Foo Fighters instead of the more common Foo Fighters. It’s uncanny how well Grohl has honed his skills in imitating one of the most unique people in Hollywood, and the sheer giddiness and joy that comes out of him when he’s doing it is infectious.

Over the years, Grohl has been happy to trot out his impression in interviews, including on The Kelly Clarkson Show back in 2021. It always comes back to the SNL story, but hopefully, we’ll be able to see Grohl incorporate some new and hilarious stories that allow him to bust out the Walken impression in the future.

Check out Grohl’s Walken impression, plus a promo for their SNL appearance where Walken misplaces the accent on the band’s name, down below.