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(Credit: Abby Gilliardi)


Tame Impala to require vaccination for upcoming gigs

Australia’s pre-eminent psych-rock outfit Tame Impala have announced a requirement to provide either proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test at their upcoming shows.

Frontman Kevin Parker didn’t mince words in his official statement. “I have talked about this with my cohorts extensively and whilst the last thing I want to do is divide people based on what they believe and don’t believe, now is not the time to be putting everyone at risk for the sake of being nice,” Parker says.

“My beliefs on this matter align closely with the word of science, which is that the vaccine undeniably helps prevent serious illness and death from covid 19. If this isn’t your view I urge you to re-evaluate.” Good for you, Kevin. The world is starting to turn in the direction of extreme limitations for those still refusing to get vaccinated. You have every right not to get the vaccine, but you’re going to be missing out on a whole lot of enjoyable things if you don’t have it.

“I understand people have many different reasons for not choosing to vaccinate, and I feel for those who can’t because of medical reasons. Hopefully there’ll be a time in the future when it’s safe for you to come see us,” Parker explains, diplomatically. But his point remains clear. “There’s still time to get fully vaxxed before most of the shows (and a single J&J jab before all of them). So get a move on if you’ve just been putting it off.”

Check out the band’s official statement on their social media down below.