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(Credit: Abby Gilliardi)


Tame Impala share new teaser video 'Rushium'


Tame Impala have shared a new video entitled ‘Rushium’ featuring a brand new song accompanying trippy medical imagery.

New music teasers are a fairly cruel promotional strategy even when they make sense. Yesterday we talked about how The Strokes teased a new song ‘Starting Again’ in a promo ad for New York City mayoral candidate Maya Wiley. It was a bummer to only hear a snippet of a new song, but these ads can’t be four minutes long, so I guess we’ll have to wait.

Parker doesn’t get hung up on specific interests or messages, instead going for abstract images vaguely relating to healthcare and the medical field. As the various images crossfade into each other, the video continues to push along with the help of the languid new song soundtracking Parker’s adventures to synthesize his new drug, featuring dreamy acoustic guitar strums and Parker’s lingering falsetto.

The clip in question shows Kevin Parker in a mark pharmaceutical advert for the new product Rushium. Interspersed are glitchy video effects and occasionally bizarre medical imagery such as overflowing intestines and veins. It’s a lot to take in during a relatively brief amount of time, but it ends with the most important message: “Phase 1 Clinical Trials Begin 09/2021”.

So what does that indicate? Part of the bottle shown in the video includes the message “S.R. Tour” on the label, but the band has already announced their tour dates in support of The Slow Rush, hitting the U.S. in the summer months and heading back to Australia for a couple of December shows. Maybe ‘Rushium’ is an unreleased track from The Slow Rush? Maybe it’s a brand new track? It’s all very cryptic, which is surely what Parker was intending.

Check out the ‘Rushium’ video down below to decipher any clues you might be looking for.