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Tame Impala welcome you to the psychedelic dancefloor with ‘No Choice’

‘No Choice’ - Tame Impala

Tame Impala are back with a brand-new track, ‘No Choice’, as part of the forthcoming The Slow Rush Deluxe Box Set and the B-side picks up where the record left off by welcoming fans of the band back onto the psychedelic dancefloor. 

Tame Impala have been constantly evolving ever since they first emerged in a refreshing adhere to the David Bowie mantra of artistic reinvention to keep things fresh. With ‘No Choice’ elements of each of their previous albums seem to be wrung out onto the one swirling canvas. 

In the welter of the song that could be fittingly described as a slow rush, are the fuzzed-out and wailing Dungen-like guitars heard throughout InnerSpeaker, the rhythmic and resonantly honed drum sound of Currents and a solid dose of the spacious unfurling production flourishes of the Slow Rush itself.

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While the single might not be the sort of soaring box set classic that has you scratching your head as to how it could never find a home beforehand, it is certainly a jam of enough quality to reaffirm the brilliant and prolific song-crafting ability of Kevin Parker. Naturally, it. doesn’t reinvent the wheel for Tame Impala either, but it is a measure of the singularity of the band that in the interim since Slow Rush was released back in early 2020, the production may have been picked apart and repurposed by imitators, but nobody has come close to stealing their bedroom party vibe. 

Perhaps the best praise of all for ‘No Choice’, is that it is a million miles away from the sort of undercooked slobber that you sometimes get served on so-called bumper releases. The guizer of sound that Tame Impala creates is only possible with immense attention to detail, after all, this isn’t a crowded wall of sound, and yet the track still has the sort of wavey depth that you could swim into. 

What’s more, ‘No Choice’ is likely to be joined soon enough by ‘The Boat I Row’, the second new single set to feature on The Slow Rush Deluxe Box Set due for release on February 18th, 2022. The set will feature two transparent red vinyl and a slew of other goodies and alternative artworks.