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(Credit: Talk Show)


Talk Show drop brand new single 'Underworld'


London indie rockers Talk Show have released a surprise new single, ‘Underworld’, and announced a new EP set for 2022 entitled Touch the Ground.

Scuzzy, driving, and weirdly danceable, ‘Underworld’ meets at the crossroads of punk, spoken word, industrial, and electronica. As the song kicks into its pre-chorus, the tempo gets kicked up a notch and the guitars start get flanged, dragging you deep into the underworld that’s described in stark detail.

Each instrument gets its own time at the forefront of the track, with a killer bassline driving the entire production home. “Suicide meets Slaves,” is probably the best way I can describe this track, and maybe the band as a whole.

“This was the first of the ‘new batch’ we started with,” lead singer Harrison Swann explains. “It’s our own ‘Born Slippy’. Finding a groove and locking into it collectively really shaped the way we approached the other tracks. Rhythm first. Vocals and guitars second. Stemming from the thumping techno drum beat and lots of noisy rhythms, this track’s a high energy intro to the new EP and a statement of intent.”

“I think their ‘anything goes’ approach certainly helped our confidence grow in terms of experimenting with sounds, arrangements and mixes,” Swann explains about making the new EP.

“Not once would [producers Joe Goddard and Al Doyle] say that trying anything was a bad idea, or that it might not work, it was a case of going for, seeing what happened when that particular instrument or thing was in our hands, and seeing if we could make something work for that track, and in most cases it did! Don’t get me wrong it’s still gonna sound like us, we’ve not sacked off guitars and cracked out the glockenspiels. It just sounds like a better version of us. We worked harder than we ever have done before and that’s made a big difference.”

The last time we checked in with the group was nearly half a year ago when they released a live version ‘Trouble‘. That felt like quite a few lifetimes ago, so it’s great to hear the band back in action with news of a new EP on this horizon.

Check out the video for ‘Underworld’ down below.