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(Credit: Talk Show)


Talk Show releases their version of 'Trouble'


Talk Show, the still relatively new four-piece from London, have timed up with producer Eli Brown to release ‘Trouble’.

The band, not to be confused with the ’90s one-album Stone Temple Pilots spinoff featuring everyone not named Scott Weiland, have so far only put out a few singles and a solitary EP, 2020’s These People, but they’re riding some decent hype, mainly stemming from their energetic live shows and fascinating mix of post-punk and techno.

Speaking of the band’s relationship with Brown, singer Harrison Swann says: “On the surface we’re from different worlds, but once we got stuck into the writing it was clear we were actually a lot closer stylistically, aiming for the same atmosphere and feeling.”

That feeling, a kinetic, frenetic, aggressive punk rock stomp, was evidently encouraged by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, who helped produce the band while they were in the studio.

“Getting into the studio to record the track with Joe and Al at the helm was a really great progression. The track evolved to become a different kind of beast. I did feel like I had to step up and deliver. Just when I went in to do the vocal takes, I do remember standing there in the vocal booth thinking, ‘right. I’ve gotta fucking blow this mic off its hinges’.”

And blow it off its hinges he did. Talk Show are exactly the kind of band that I would be excited to see once we can all go back to seeing live shows. Manic in their energy, propulsive in their delivery, and fascinating in their sound, Talk Show will be a free to be reckoned with once they can get back to the live stage. For now, this live footage should suffice.

Check out the live session for ‘Trouble’ down, below.