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(Credit: Images Alight)


Supreme taking over Tower Records' old LA flagship store

It has been announced that the fashion brand Supreme is set to take over the old Tower Records LA flagship store. The store will be converted into a major outlet for the high-end streetwear brand and is set to open in Summer 2022.

From 1971 to 2006, the Sunset Strip location served as Tower Records’ flagship store. Following the company’s bankruptcy in 2006, preservationists and nostalgic music lovers have fought to keep the vacant building from being demolished, though attempts at getting it declared a “local cultural resource” have been unsuccessful.

The new Supreme store set to be opened later this year will be the second LA store for Supreme and music lovers who had been campaigning for the historical site to remain musically significant have begun to raise conquer as have some of the locals. 

Supreme stores have a notoriety for attracting swathes of hip youngsters who gather in swarms, often camping outside the stores to access the exclusive drops of new Supreme merchandise. Locals are worried about the commotion and crime this could bring to the neighbourhood.

As one worried local explained: “Camping and altercations would be a negative side to having a chain like this, especially with a lot of residential space.”

However, the Supreme Senior Vice President West Rubinstein has issued a statement in hopes to put local residents’ minds at rest: “We don’t do pop-ups, we don’t do flash mobs, we don’t allow people to camp in our space overnight. We have a pretty developed system of allowing people to make appointments.”

Watch below as Elton John has a root around in the historical ‘Tower Records’ store back in its heyday.