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Super Lungs bring something different with 'On The Run'


The British seaside town of Brighton is well famed for its music. Often bringing to our ears the kind of acidic seaside joy one would hope for, it has a habit of producing quality time and time again. Former subscribers to the grittier side of surf, Super Lungs, have now returned to provide a bit of alkaline in the form of new single ‘On The Run’ to ease the burn.

Those familiar with the inflammatory live performance of Super Lungs will recognise the change in approach. They’ve moved away from their more vitriolic sound to something a little more sonically soothing.

Choosing the kind of hazy guitars and blurry vocals which feel more akin to San Fran rather than the south of England, with ‘On The Run’ they are setting out their stall and it’s a highly intoxicating one.

Comparisons to Allah Las and The Growlers are obvious and relatively on the nose, but Super Lungs offer something which with all their influences in mind, still feels very British and authentic. This isn’t a band copycatting their heroes this is a band finding themselves.

What they’ve found is a track destined for fireside, late night swims, swarmed with smoke and tinged with beer. It’s a joy.