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(Credit: Frederike Helwig)


Super Furry Animals share isolated audio of Paul McCartney eating celery


Yes, you did read that headline correctly. The Welsh indie heroes, Super Furry Animals, have announced the 20th-anniversary reissue of their album Rings Around the World by sharing the isolated audio of Paul McCartney eating some celery.

There are plenty of isolated tracks dedicated to Paul McCartney on the internet. In fact, we’d bet we’ve covered the vast majority of them here. But we’ve never come across this piece of veggie-chomping gold. While it’s a distracting nuance, it shouldn’t take away from the Super Furry Animals release.

The audio of Macca chewing on some celery was The Beatles man’s contribution to the band’s song ‘Respectable For The Respectable’ which landed on the landmark album some 20 years ago. Until now, the audio had remained a little known fact about the song but is now being given the spotlight it deserves.

Rings Around the World is one record the band will never forget. Marked as their “maximalist” album, the LP was a budget-busting affair made for the millennium. It is now being given a significant reissue to celebrate its 20th birthday.

It will be newly presented on 180g gatefold, double vinyl, as well as triple CD and double digital album in September. McCartney’s playful addition is released on its own for the very first time as one of 75 curiosities from the vaults, including unreleased outtakes, remixes, hidden sounds and demos appearing across the multi-format release.

The band said of the chance meeting and subsequent celery chomping that put Paul McCartney on their record: “He was going to come to the studio and then decided not to for some reason. So, we sent him stereo backing tracks so he could keep time, then he sent the tape back with a message that started with a really dodgy Welsh accent. Then he goes ‘I hope you like it’ – the next thing you know you just hear this chewing sound!”

Considering the album also boasted Velvet Underground’s John Cale (sadly not playing any vegetables), this 20th-anniversary reissue will be a classic waiting to happen.

Without further ado, please be upstanding for, the isolated audio of Paul McCartney eating some celery.