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Sunny Day Real Estate to reunite and tour this year

Seminal American emo outfit Sunny Day Real Estate are set to reunite. This will be the fourth time the Seattle band have reconvened, and it is 12 years since they announced their last hiatus. 

Rumours had been doing the rounds on social media last week after an Instagram account was created with the handle ‘sdretour’, and changes to the band’s Wikipedia were made. Then, on Monday, January 24th, SPIN confirmed the reunion via an exclusive.

News of the Instagram account was given credence and gained traction after Sunny Day Real Estate drummer, William Goldsmith, mentioned it several times on his personal account, which was accompanied by footage of his rehearsing some of the band’s classics at his studio.

Goldsmith is of the three founding members of the band that are reportedly returning the fold, alongside frontman and guitarist Jeremy Engik and lead guitarist Dan Hoerner. Unfortunately, the band’s iconic bassist, Nate Mendel, will not be participating due to tour commitments with his post-Sunny Day group, Foo Fighters

Famously, both Goldsmith and Mendel were part of the original line-up of Foo Fighters when they were established in 1995, not long after Sunny Day had called it a day for the first time. Fans excitingly await who will be on bass duties for the reunion tour. 

Goldsmith has never been afraid to criticise Dave Grohl since he left Foo Fighters in 1997, and after Sunny Day Real Estate’s third reunion ended abruptly and plans for the band’s fifth album were abandoned. At the time, Goldsmith said on his Facebook that the record was “silenced, abandoned and buried within the murkiest depths of David Grohl’s sock drawer”.

The band are most well-known for their 1994 album Diary, a significant moment in the proliferation of the emo genre. However, the band have released a string of other incredible albums, including LP2 and How It Feels To Be Something On.

The last material Sunny Day Real Estate released was the single ‘Lipton Witch’ for Record Store Day 2014, which came as a split 7″ alongside Circa Survive.

Listen to ‘Every Shining Time You Arrive’ below.