Sunflower Bean - Wall Watcher


Good fucking night. When we first brought you Sunflower Bean as your new favourite band, we said they had an effortless blend of psyche and punk. A trick that is not easy to complete without sounding like a terrible experiment for 40 year olds to wank over.  Something now reaffirmed by the band with new song ‘Wall Watcher’ you bet your bottom dollar it’s our Track of the Day.

‘Wall Watcher’ comes as part of an announcement on the release of their debut LP with Fat Possum, Human Ceremony judging by this effort is going to be something to behold, if of course you can keep your head on.

The band quietly go about their sordid business with dangerously fuzzed guitars and the female vocal adding extra fright and dread in to an unrelenting punk rhythm. A heavy chorus is perfectly backed with “watching you” which marauds around the song.

With a tour currently taking place supporting The Vaccines and Palma Violets, Sunflower Bean are getting used to the big time already. Judging by this offering they should start ordering the magnums of champagne now.