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Sunflower Bean announce new album and share the lead single 'Who Put You Up To This?'

Sunflower Bean - 'Who Put You Up To This?'

New York trio Sunflower Bean have released details of their forthcoming third album, Headful of Suger, sharing its lead single ‘Who Put You up To This?’. The group’s talent for taking the DNA of classic artists and blending it with their own indie sensibilities has taken them from the dream-pop infusions of 2016’s Human Ceremony to the hard-edged Americana of 2018’s Twentytwo in Blue. Now, it looks as though Sunflower Bean are shuffling towards the dancefloor.

The follow up to Twentytwo in Blue will arrive on May 6th via Lucky Number. You can pre-order your copy here. Speaking about the motivations behind the new album, vocalist Nick Kivlen said: “We wanted to write about the lived experience of late capitalism, how it feels every day, the mundanity of not knowing where every construct is supposed to ultimately lead you.”

Produced and mixed by Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Jacob Portrait, Headful of Suger is set to explore “fast pleasures, the sugar of life, the joy that comes with letting go of everything you thought mattered”.

‘Who Put You up To This?’ arrives alongside a stunning music video directed by Josefine Cardoni. As lead vocalist Julia Cumming grooves to the slick pound of interlocking bass and drums tracks, her vocals slide above the churn of smashed piano chords and soaring guitar work, cutting through the mix with ease as she sings of a much-needed escape: “I’m burning up all the obligations/ And I’m gonna take a permanent vacation.”

In a recent statement, Sunflower Bean explained the meaning behind Cumming’s lyrics: “Are you satisfied? Who put you up to do things that you do? Was it your own choice? Questioning your life is the first step to taking the agency to change it. Sometimes you have to let go of who you have been so that you can become who you want to be.”

You can check out the full tracklist for Sunflower Bean’s Headful of Sugar below.

Headful of Suger tracklist:

  1. ‘Who Put You Up To This?’
  2. ‘In Flight’
  3. ‘Otherside’
  4. ‘Roll The Dice’
  5. ‘Headful of Sugar’
  6. ‘I Don’t Have Control Sometimes’
  7. ‘Stand By Me’
  8. ‘Post Love’
  9. ‘Baby Don’t Cry’
  10. ‘Beat The Odds’
  11. ‘Feel Somebody’

Sunflower Bean will tour in the UK in March and April, kicking off in Cambridge on March 30th.