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Sundara Karma release heady single 'All These Dreams'

Sundara Karma - 'All These Dreams'

Reading band Sundara Karma have released ‘All These Dreams’, the latest offering for their most recent EP, Oblivion!. The new track has got the makings of a hit, as it fuses intoxicating pop with some emo hooks, sounding something akin to a blend of The 1975 and The Weeknd. 

Produced by Clarence Clarity, the mind behind some of Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama’s best-loved cuts, the new single is the clearest indicator of the direction that Sundara Karma intends to head in the future. ‘All These Dreams’ is the second release from Oblivion! and the EP is set for release on April 1st, by way of Chess Club Records.

Of the new EP, frontman Oscar Pollock said: “It’s fun to amalgamate different genres, often I love re-contextualising things like vocal styles etc. I think I also enjoy confusing people. For this EP I wanted to take pop rock to a maximalist and super saccharine place”.

He continued: “Like with a lot of our previous music there’s a fair amount of pop hooks for people to hold onto and there are also moments for glam guitar stuff to poke through but I suppose my Emo past has also made a resurgence and I haven’t felt like suppressing those urges.”

Of the EP’s title track, Pollock added: “‘Oblivion!‘ came together so quickly, I wrote the whole thing in about two days in the summer last year. I had been revisiting a lot of my favourite music from around 2003 and was feeling quite nostalgic at the time. It definitely plays into the rockier aspects of our ‘sound’ but ultimately I think it’s a wonderful pop song.”

It’s set to be a significant period for Sundara Karma. With the release of ‘All These Dreams’, they’ve set their sights on the future. They’re no longer just an indie band. They’ve discovered the sweet spot that they’ve always hinted at, and duly, they’ve hit on something that has a crossover appeal akin to the artists we see signed to Dirty Hit. 

I expect that they’ll carry on releasing pop bangers until they explode, and we see them filling stadiums in America. It might not be for you, but if you’re a fan of the emo-pop hybrid we see ubiquitous today, be prepared to have your socks blown off. 

Listen to ‘All These Dreams’ below.