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Credit: Press


Sundara Karma release new single 'Godsend'


English alt-rockers Sundara Karma have released a brand new single, ‘Godsend’.

‘Godsend’ is finely tuned to sound absolutely massive. Dialled in with intense amounts of reverb and echo, the track is custom-designed to bounce off walls. It’s like Coldplay ate Imagine Dragons. If that’s your style, then congratulations on finding your new favourite band. These guys specialise in the ‘pop’ side of ‘indie pop’, and I’m not sure who’s strangled tenor is blasting through the chorus, but it certainly gives the song a distinct sound.

“’Godsend’ is about loss, but it’s also about how I realised that loss doesn’t actually exist, in the bigger sense of it all,” the band explained. “For example, people will always be taken away from you whether through death, or heartbreak, or through things like suffering from mental illness but there will always be moments when you can come back together again either physically or by thought. Interestingly if the encounter you had was really meaningful, some sort of connection always remains.”

“It’s very personal too, I’m talking about my own struggle with the light and the dark and also the struggles of those who are dear to me. We all continuously have moments when we can feel the darkness creeping in but it’s important to remember that it will always wash away – and that’s how I hope people are left feeling after listening to the song, that sure, loss can break you but it is not absolute.”

Listen to ‘Godsend’ down below.