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(Credit: Adrian Boot)


Suicide announce career-spanning box set


Legendary New York art punks Suicide have announced a new career-spanning box set that will trace the influential synth-rock band from their earliest days to their final recordings.

Curated by former Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins, Surrender will give a sample of the band’s signature style and sound for audiences who may not be familiar with the duo.

“This gathering of songs is not a ‘best of’ nor is it a ‘definitive’ all-you-need-to-know compilation,” Rollins explains in a statement. “It is an introduction that will hopefully compel you to explore the albums.”

Suicide formed in 1970 and was a collaboration between keyboardist Martin Rev and vocalist Alan Vega. Focusing on stripped back and industrial sound, Rev’s icy synths were contrasted with Vega’s wide vocal range, which oscillated between low crooning and frantic screams. The duo continued to work together after their influential 1977 self-titled debut, but on a somewhat limited basis. The pair performed their last concert in July of 2015, with Vega passing away a year later.

The tracklisting for Surrender, which has been collated by Rev, Liz Lamere (Alan Vega’s collaborator and wife), Henry Rollins and Jared Artaud, includes two brand new versions of classic Suicide songs: ‘Girl (Unreleased Version)’ and ‘Frankie Teardrop (First Version)’, alongside tracks such as ‘Dream Baby Dream’, ‘Cheree’, ‘Rocket USA’, ‘Surrender’ and ‘Why Be Blue?’

Check out the new version of ‘Frankie Teardrop’, plus the tracklisting for Surrender, down below. Surrender is set to come out on March 25th.

Surrender vinyl and digital tracklist:

A1. Dominic Christ (2022 – Remaster)
A2. Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne (2022 – Remaster)
A3. Harlem (2022 – Remaster)
A4. Rocket USA (2022 – Remaster)
B1. Cheree (2022 – Remaster)
B2. Dream Baby Dream (2022 – Remaster)
B3. Touch Me (2022 – Remaster)
B4. Ghost Rider (2022 – Remaster)
B5. Mr. Ray (2022 – Remaster)
C1. Surrender (2022 – Remaster)
C2. Why Be Blue? (2022 – Remaster)
C3. Wrong Decisions (2022 – Remaster)
C4. Dachau, Disney, Disco (2022 – Remaster)
D1. Radiation (2022 – Remaster)
D2. Girl (Unreleased Version) (2022 – Remaster)
D3. Frankie Teardrop (First Version) (2022 – Remaster)

Surrender CD tracklisting

1. Dominic Christ (2022 – Remaster)
2. Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne (2022 – Remaster)
3. Harlem (2022 – Remaster)
4. Rocket USA (2022 – Remaster)
5. Cheree (2022 – Remaster)
6. Dream Baby Dream (2022 – Remaster)
7. Touch Me (2022 – Remaster)
8. Ghost Rider (2022 – Remaster)
9. Mr. Ray (2022 – Remaster)
10. Surrender (2022 – Remaster)
11. Why Be Blue? (2022 – Remaster)
12. Wrong Decisions (2022 – Remaster)
13. Dachau, Disney, Disco (2022 – Remaster)
14. Radiation (2022 – Remaster)
15. Frankie Teardrop (First Version) (2022 – Remaster)