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(Credit: HBO)


'Succession' star Sarah Snook set to replace Elizabeth Moss in new thriller

HBO’s comedy-drama series Succession is a bonafide phenomenon, earning widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike. At the centre of this star-studded cast is Sarah Snook who plays Shiv, the narcissistic daughter of a media mogul psychopath (played by Brian Cox). For her wonderful performance, Snook picked up multiple accolades and nominations including an Emmy bid.

While talking about the show in an interview, Snook said: “I’ve never done a TV show that has run like this, in terms of playing a long-running character. I’ve mostly done film or limited series or theatre.” She also commented on the new seasons: “Coming back to a character is fun and I actually really love it because there’s always something new to discover. And certainly, with writing like this, you’re always gonna find something. I love reading the scripts.”

Snook’s character is a woman in a completely male-dominated social sphere which has contributed to her interpretation of the role. According to the actress, the competitive nature of Shiv can be chalked up to this patriarchal setup which results in her professional focus but she is not immune to the petty tantrums of the ultra-elite.

“I love her strength and her determination,” Snook explained. “She definitely can be very focused, very quick-thinking and quick to action, and has an ability to strategise in the long term. But perhaps her determination and her focus is also her downfall. Through those kinds of behaviours, she probably has a few more walls up than she needs to, and there’s an unwillingness to be vulnerable that is definitely a downside to her. But it’s fun to play.”

Due to her fantastic work on Succession, Snook has also landed another role in an upcoming horror thriller Run Rabbit Run where she will replace Elizabeth Moss in the lead role. The film is being directed by Daina Reid who is currently working on finalising and visually translating a script written by novelist Hannah Kent.

Watch the brand new trailer of the new season of Succession below.