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(Credit: Joe Rogan)


Study suggests 19% of Spotify users plan to unsubscribe over Joe Rogan fallout


A new study has revealed that 19% of Spotify subscribers are planning to cancel their subscription to the streaming service due to the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan.

The former host of Fear Factor has been under the media spotlight for spreading misinformation regarding Covid-19 on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. The series has been exclusively available on Spotify since 2020, when they acquired the rights in a record-breaking $100m deal. Users of the service have grown frustrated that their money is subsidising the show.

Additionally, Neil Young asked the platform to remove his music, and more artists have since decided to take their work from the app. In response, Rogan sincerely apologised for not having enough of a balanced debate. He also promised to “try harder” and to “do my best to make sure I’ve researched these topics”.

However, since then, he has had to apologise again after Spotify pulled over 70 episodes from the platform after a supercut emerged of Rogan repeatedly using the n-word. 

A new consumer poll by Forrester Research states that 19% of Spotify users have either already cancelled their subscription or plan to leave in the near future because of Rogan.

On the other hand, Forrester’s study also discovered that 54% of current Spotify users don’t plan to cancel their subscription. However, 18.5% are contemplating unsubscribing if more artists leave the platform.

Additionally, 8.5% said they briefly considered switching music streaming services, but the benefits of Spotify’s features convinced them to stay.