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(Credit: Albert Hammond Jr)

Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr is in the studio with Natalie Imbruglia


In a surprise move, Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr is collaborating Natalie Imbruglia and has been in the studio recording new music.

Confirming the news with posts on social media, both Hammond Jr and Imbruglia shared pictures of them in Rockinghorse studios, Byron Bay. On top of that, it appears the duo has teamed up with producer Gus Oberg who famously worked on Strokes album Angels. 

Australian singer-songwriter Imbruglia, arguably best known for her successful career in the 90s upon the hit release cover of Ednaswap’s song ‘Torn’ in 1997.

Having not released any new material since 2015’s Male, the fifth studio album from Imbruglia, we understand that she is preparing a new record this year. However, it is not yet known if her forthcoming new album will include the collaboration with Hammond Jnr.

Meanwhile, Hammond’s fourth solo album, the deeply personal Francis Trouble, was released in March last year. On top of that, Hammond’s busy schedule will see him hitting the road for a series of comeback shows with The Strokes.

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