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(Credit: Raph PH)


Stream the new Tears for Fears album 'The Tipping Point'

Tears for Fears have returned from the fringes of the pop wilderness to release The Tipping Point, an album they feel acts as a bookend to their 1983 album The Hurting. The album arrives after nearly two decades of false starts, culminating in a record that channels the collective talents of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. The album sees the band discussing their darker fears, and the duo tackles the rise of former President Donald Trump in a collection of damning indictments.

Orzabal put some of the pain of losing his wife into the finished work. “It’s raw emotion for me. I find it tough to listen to,” revealed Orzabal. “What people don’t realise – because it’s not very well documented – is that back in the day Curt and I used to hang out with Caroline when we were 13, 14, in the Snow Hill flats. Curt has known her for the vast majority of his life. Because he wasn’t living it, it was always a shock to him when he saw her.”

In their collective statement, Tears for Fears states everything had to go wrong before they could finish the album, and the finished work is said to be a mixture of hopeful catharsis, as well as moments of intense grief. Orzabal claims that The Hurting was the only true Tears for Fears album before the formula was invariably distilled.

The band are best known for their electro tinted anthems, and in 1986, they worked with Live Aid founder Bob Geldof on the ‘Everybody Wants To Run The World’ charity single. The tune, a re-recording of their 1985 hit ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’, was popular in Ireland, where it hit the number four spot, but it also did well in the United Kingdom, where it nested in the UK top five.

The band are known for their tightly-coiled lyrics, many of them stemming from the famous Arthur Janov text, The Primal Scream. They are best perhaps best known for ‘Mad World’, which has been covered by a number of other artists. Gary Jules recorded a version of 2001 lo-fi film Donnie Darko.

Stream the new album, below.