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Stream Less Win's Debut EP 'Further'


When we first brought Danish punks Less Win to your attention as Your New Favourite Band we mentioned that we had been treated to a sneak preview of their incredible debut EP. Now we can gladly share it with you, and believe us, you won’t be disappointed.

Angular and grey in their approach they benefit from the morose banality of modern day life and relish in tearing it a new one. The band have flashes of Joy Division’s  first incarnation as Warsaw, filled with repressed aggression and without reproach they have delivered an anarchic yet decisively purposeful debut EP via The Big Oil Recording Company, it’s called Further.

‘As Of Today’ is the most anarchic and builds to screaming vocals as they furiously throw punk riffs at a wall and see what sticks. The following track ‘Bayonet’ strikes more of the same 70’s Manchester chords, melting modernity in to primal punk. When “B-A-Y-O-N-E-T” is shouted across the digging rhythm it becomes increasingly difficult not to make comparisons with the late great Ian Curtis.

‘I’m The Shore’ isn’t as tight or controlled as ‘Bayonet’ but still picks the same strings adding thudding drums to the pounding rhythm which adds a pulsating edge of urgency to the track. ‘Listen Louder’ is advice not a statement. This track demands high volume as the guitar noodles around another chugging train, complimented by Casper’s harrowing vocals hit the nail on the head with “Listen Louder!”.

The EP is sweaty, tense and palpable with its energy as it threatens to burn itself out quicker than a fucked up firework but twice as bright.

‘Further’ sounds like the making of a cult following.