Your New Favourite Band: Less Win


If you walk in to any craft beer pulling pub, with humorous quotes on the wall and intelligentsia flowing from every urinal you are likely to hear that Scandinavian music is always of the highest quality. Stereotypically obtuse yet precise and with an incredible eye for detail.

Where in many cases that that leads to minimalist sounds and huge penetrating vocals; Less Win, now Your New Favourite Band, and their ferocious brand of post-punk bucks that trend with snarl and bile flecked spit. It’s fucking brilliant.

The trio from Copenhagen are keeping their national identity with the precision at which they can unleash a stream of distorted guitar and razor sharp vocals which scream of mid 80’s Manchester rather than the art-filled streets of the Danish Capital.

The punk string to their bow is no better plucked than in the first track ‘As Of Today’ which smashes out the speakers like it’s trying to scare you out of having children. Where their recent release ‘Bayonet’ from their forthcoming EP Further which is out on June 19th via Big Oil Recording Co only adds further distorted demonism.

We were lucky enough to have a sneak peek and the EP is scary in its incredibly confident delivery. It slams through the four tracks like the band’s life depended on it.

Whereas compatriots Yung err on the side of atmospheric punk built in imposing tower blocks which litter the cities,  Less Win run through the blocks scarring the halls with grey dabbed punk paint and drench the rooms heavily with idealistic lyrics and tumultuous sentiment all with unbound energy and ferocity.

Get the EP before everybody else realises what a cult classic it is.