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(Credit: Netflix)


Stranger Things writers share footage of Joseph Quinn blitzing Metalica’s ‘Master of Puppets’

In his first Stranger Things outing, Joseph Quinn endeared himself with fans as the quirky character Eddie. Now, he is even proving that behind the scenes he is just as rock ‘n’ roll.

In a post shared by the ever-growing Stranger Things writers account, Quinn took a short break from filming to blitz through a superb guitar rendition of Metalica’s classic 1986 hit ‘Master of Puppets’.

Without delving into spoilers, the song itself forms a key part of the series, but you could easily be fooled into thinking that it isn’t actually Quinn rattling off the perfectly frenzied rendition when the scintillating stand-off goes down. 

However, the BTS footage captioned ‘practice makes perfect’ clearly shows that Quinn is as talented with a fender under his arm as he is in front of a film crew. 

The Twitter account that posted it now has a whopping 1.2 million followers which is a clear indication of just how widespread the love for the show is. Beyond the record-breaking feats of season four, the fact that a simple social media has already amassed eight million views in 17 hours is a sign of just how interstellar Stranger Things has become. 

You can watch Quinn seamlessly blitz through the vintage heavy rock anthem below. 

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